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About us

Our Business

The main businesses of FLEXO 2000 Csomagolástechnikai Kft. are printing paper packaging with flexo technology from roll to roll, producing paper block-bottom-bags according to the customer request and packaging coffee sugar. Our company has more than twenty years experience in the packaging sections and flexo-printing. Thank to our technical knowledge, years of experience and a large degree of involvement in the development of a product we have customers from more industry branches.

Our working-methods

We are often involved in the working out of an idea from the very first step. Together with the client we examine the possibilities and we make directed choices.
Flexibility, quality and reliability characterise us. We always try to match the highest level for the customers request. We realise their ideas in the most economical production cost.


Our flexo-printing and bag machines have the following parameters:
Colours: max. 8
Reel width: max. 1020 mm
Paper thickness: 40-160 g/m²
Block-bottom-bag sizes:

  • width: 80-280 mm
  • bottom width: 50-160 mm
  • length: 190-460 mm